Free affiliate program

Free Affiliate program

Now you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars by referring customers or by reselling our template products through your website, Grap your affilate codes from HERE

Reasons to join us:

  • Registration and participation are FREE!
  • Earn 10% commission at least     $130 per sale on average.
  • Each 30th targeted visitor makes a purchase, according to our statistics.
  • If someone comes through your affiliate link and leaves our site without a purchase you will still earn your affiliate fee if this visitor buys our products at a later date.
  • Sell templates under your own brand.
  • We take care of everything billing, delivery, anti-fraud protection, and customer service
  • You may withdraw your commission earnings whenever your balance reaches $25.

Ways of referring visitors.

  • Sign up as an affiliate by filling out our simple online form.
  • Place your affiliate link or banners on your web site, or send your affiliate link to potential customers via e-mail.
  • Everyone who comes to our site via your affiliate link will receive a lifetime cookie on their computer.
  • You will receive 10% of all purchases generated throughout a cookie's lifetime.
  • You will then be able to generate our dynamic interfaces to sell our templates even under YOUR OWN BRAND.
  • You may choose from a variety of pre-made skins to display templates and search options on your site
  • You will receive 10% of all purchases throughout your website lifetime.

Have questions? Let us answer some for you right now...

Q: Who supports the end user?

A: We do! There's no point having a great product for people to use if they can't get the support they need to get it running in the first place so we provide full support to your resold customers just the same as if they had signed up directly with us. We also have an active community forum where they can obtain help from others.

Q: How do I use my licenses?

A: All license keys are issued to you when you signup for your reseller package and you can then provide a license key to each of your end users. Our licensing system automatically records the domain the client installs the license on when it is first used.

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